Mommy Lessons

I've learned a lot of things about babies and being a mom thus far, so being the teacher I am, I want to share this knowledge.  Below is a list of all the little lessons I've learned.  

Random Little Things (Updated occasionally)
What Baby Needs the First 3 Months
What to Take to the Birth
Best Baby Parenting Books
Diapering Away from Home
Follow Your Instincts and You Know Your Baby Best
Baby Gift Giving
Get Out of the House
Get a DVR
Reading to Baby
Your Nursing Spot (one child)
Fun While Shopping
Nursing Lessons
Buying Toddler Clothes
No Toys, No Problem
When Your Child is Sick (2/27/11 Natalie's first real sickness beyond a cold)
Maternity Clothes
The Car to Crib Transfer
Dining Out
Books on Having a Second Child (finally finished!)
Bedtime Routine 
What do I Buy for a ___ Month Old?
Books on Education ALL Parents Should Read
Bits and Pieces about Labor and Postpartum
What to Do with All Those Finger Paintings
Get a DVR part 2
Moving to a Toddler Bed
My Child's Friend has a Food Allergy
Gifts for Pregnant Women
How to Not Go Crazy as a Stay at Home Mom (one child)
What I Wish I Bought
Swaddling 101
Diapering (with tips for boys)
Ways Dads (and others) Can Help Even if Exclusively Breastfeeding
Sometimes More is More
Extra Outgrown Diapers
My Top Baby Shower Gifts
Starting Solids

Coming Soon:
Why I Love Noise
My Child has a Food Allergy
Getting Out of the Baby Food Aisle
The Physicality of Motherhood
Getting A Toddler into a Snowsuit
Going to The Doctor
Qualities of a Good Children's Library and Baby Story Time
Cluster Feeding vs. Human Pacifier
Breast Infections
Potty Training Books for Kids and Adults
Review of the Graco Dou Glide stroller
Packing List for a Weekend at Grandma's with Two Kids
Cooking with a toddler
How to Make Your Labor Easier
Babysitter for the Exclusively Breastfeeding
Kids Books on Having a New Baby
Getting around with Two Kids
Diaper Bag Contents for Toddler and Newborn
Thumb Sucking
Tummy Time
Play dates for toddlers
Organizing toys