Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Extra Outgrown Diapers

William has twice now outgrown diapers on us when we had a lot left over.  This got me thinking about what to do with those diapers.  

First of all, if the package is unopened, most stores are willing to exchange diapers for a different size as long as they carry the ones you are returning.

There are various ways to give away diapers.  
  • An unopened box can be a shower gift for a woman you don't know well.  
  • Many charities take diapers.  While some big charities might not want an opened package, you could instead donate half a package or loose diapers to your daycear, play group, or other child care facility.  They can always use a few extras.  
  • Give diapers to friends and neighbors with children still in that size.  Several times now I've given away the last handful of diapers to women I know pretty well.  
A couple more fun ideas:
  • Save the diapers and use them for favors at the next baby shower you attend or throw.  I've seen cakes made out of a large number of diapers and butterflies made with a single diaper. 
  • Give them to kids to use to diaper their dolls and stuffed animals.  The same diaper can be used on a doll over and over, but it does start to wear out after a while. 

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