Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Get a DVR part 2

Here are the reasons to get a DVR connected to the TV your children watch.

  • You set the schedule. You don't have to rely on the TV schedule. Just yesterday, Nick Jr changed its line up. Now, Natalie's two favorite shows are no longer on while she is awake. With a DVR, I can record her shows and save the episodes. Then we watch them whenever we like. It actually happens a lot that shows or specials we think Natalie would like are not on at a good time for us, such as Christmas specials airing after bed time, or Sesame Street coming on during our morning activity time. No more relying on the channels' schedules.
  • You get more episodes and movies at your finger tips for less money. Now, you can buy lots of kids' shows and movies on DVD. But, that adds up quick. Even a cheap movie is most likely going to $5. With a DVR, you can save tons of episodes instead of watching the same 4 or 8 over and over again.
  • You don't have to rely on the internet or crowd around a computer. Lots of people use the internet to watch TV shows and movies on demand through services like Netflix. But, if your internet is slow or goes down, you can't do that. Even if our satellite goes down in bad weather, we can still access the DVR because it is saved to that box. That is really helpful for when Elmo goes blank in the middle of a blizzard. Most TVs are bigger than your computer screen, so its easier to watch, especailly for your child to watch and play at the same time. (You could hook up your computer to the TV, but that is could be more work). And, it is easier to move around within and in between shows with a DRV and Netflix.
  • You can set new episodes or movies to record in advance. You can set the DVR to record all new episodes of your child's favorite show, and then forget about it. Or, if you see a commercial for a special or movie, you can just go in and set it to record and not worry about when it is actually going to be on. So, you don't have to worry which night Rudolph is on in the middle of your holiday craziness.
  • There are no DVDs hanging around. Natalie went through a phase where she loved to stand on VHS and DVD cases. Having a DVR reduces the number of those cases that are around for her to destroy. Now, Natalie is going through a phase where she wants to change the movie right after you've put on in because she sees a different case. She also sees the cases and begs for the show. Moving the DVDs and VHSs out of the room has helped, but its inconvenient for me to have to run to their hiding spot. A DVR keeps the movies and shows safely organized and stored out of view. Of course, at some point your child will start to understand how the DVR works and this will be less of an advantage, but it will still mean less clutter!

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