Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Busy Week

We had the busiest couple weeks we've ever had around here. In one weekend, i went out all three nights. That hasn't happend in at least five years. First I baby sat on Friday night, then my friend sat for my kids and threw the girls a slumber party in Saturday night while Mike and I went out to see the Conjuring. W had extra time to get ice cream and some shopping for the kids birthdays.  Thn Sunday night, I had my book club for Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. 

The following evening, Mike's mom came up from Florida for her week long visit. Over the week, we went to the mall, brought the kids bowling, had lunch at Panera, went to the park with friends, spent a whole day at York's Wild Kingdom, and went to dinner at Longhorn. On Friday Mike's aunt visited for a bit and took Diane backbencher place for the weekend, so that we could go to Steve's first birthday party on Saturday. That was a long day with tons if driving, but the kids had fun at their cousins house, then later at a park and Wendy's for dinner. Sleeping over was a little rough. William woke up at 830, And I had to spend the rest of the night with him, and b he woke wide a wake at 3 am eventually waking Natalie at 4am, which is when we gave in and put the tv on. I managed to get another hour or so if sleep and William slept on my feet for a bit too. We left earlier than usual to go get Diane at Mike's aunt's. It was rainy so we anticipates a hard visit, but everyone watched our library DVD of The Muppets, then the kids wound up playing in the lake in their clothes.

Monday was Dianes last day, so we went to Fat Boys, a tradition in their family, then Lands End where the kids enjoyed all the rocks.  After a quick stop at Wal-Mart, we head home.

By far the busiest week ever around here. At one point, four out of five days we skipped nap. That's unheard of for us. The kids behaviour started to show it to, with lots of crying from William and Natalie. While I wish his mom could stay, it is nice to get back to a normalroutine. Both kids seemed to like the return to normalcy yesterday, though I had a super busy day meal planning for the month, grocery shopping, dishes, and laundry, as well as a bunch of other little clean up jobs. Today we were invited to a water ark, but we declined!

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