Sunday, August 4, 2013

Stuff We Love: Crayola Window Crayons

Natalie drew this picture of Natalie and me.  :)

I'm always looking for ways to make basic art play new and interesting for the kids.  We first got the window crayons about two years ago when Natalie was two and William was first born.  Both kids have enjoyed them off and on for the past two years, as well as most of the young visitors to our home.  Here's why:

1) Its a new twist on an old favorite.  My kids get bored with just crayons and paper after a minute or two, but they can play with these window crayons for a long stretch whenever we pull them out.  

2)  Fine motor development.  Drawing vertically on a window or easel strengthens different muscles and can help with learning to write later on if done regularly. 

3) Clean up time!  The kids love to help clean up, too!  I let them wipe off the crayon with baby wipes, so there are no chemicals to worry about them eating or getting in their eyes and no mess.  Even after letting the art sit for a long time in the sun (I'm talking months), my kids were able to wipe off almost all of it with baby wipes.  I then just go over the glass with some Windex to get rid of the smeary look.  The clean up is great because they are learning to clean and help out around the house and it works their arm muscles in a different way. 

4) I also like them for decorating for parties or writing my husband messages.

Natalie using the crayons for the first time

One of William's first time using the crayons. He was very proud of his drawing.

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