Friday, July 12, 2013

Kid update

Can read a digital clock hour
Can match many lower and uppercase letters
Can sight read her name
Is starting to write letters smaller, in a straighter line, and left to right
Knows her birthday
Sstarting to understand pattern of numbers after the teens
Starting to learn sight words
Can sit through a long picture book, like Beatrice Potter's others before herself
Contnues to react strongly to frustration and set backs
Huge improvement cutting with scissors, starting to get how to move them forward without starting over

Can sometimes open a door with a knob
Knows the alphabet song
Knows the letter W
Understands the concept of two
Showing increased understanding of basic emotions in himself and others
Can name friends
Can fill in words in his favorite books
Current favorite books Dinosaur Roar and Hurry, Hurry
Going through a phase of leading me around by the hand
Can climb fully into his car seat
Has figured out how to lock and open the car doors
Knows most of the basic colors by name
Starting more abstract pretend play, such as being Batman or having a mitten be a dinosaur.

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