Saturday, June 15, 2013

Kid Update

  • Very good at alternating her feet on the stairs going up
  • being more adventurous with food
  • still enjoys playing with dolls more than anything else - baby dolls, bigger dolls, Little People, My Little Ponies.  New is liking to play with doll clothes.  Also, the games she creates are more and more elaborate, such as taking the dolls shopping and then throwing a party using multiple dolls and all the accessories.  
  • Can complete a 48 piece puzzel with help (24 piece easily with no help)
  • Just started to put her plate on the counter when she is done with dinner
  • Will accept cantaloupe, watermelon, or strawberries as dessert :)  
  • Was an awesome big sister to William when sleeping in the same room as him at my parents.  She reassured him it was okay in the dark and told him to go to sleep in a kind manner.   Another example of awesome big sisterness was leaning him Baby Kitty for an outing when we didn't bring either of William's favorite toys.  
  • Less attached to Baby Kitty.  Really only misses her when it is time to go to bed or when she is super sad. 
  • Playing a lot with counting objects

  • mimicking Natalie alternating her feet on the stairs
  • put the pieces of train track together on his own
  • starting to line up toys - like cars, dominoes, animals
  • noticing expressions in books and movies
  • loves trucks (especially calling everything a fire truck), trains, airplanes, motorcycles, buggies, birds and dogs
  • counts to two
  • seems especially tuned into sounds - like hearing an airplane outside, dog barking, or birds singing
  • in a phase of taking my hand and leading me around 
  • learned he can play in his room / bed until he is tried at nap time and can turn on his light to play at bedtime and in the morning
  • identified himself as a boy when Natalie playfully called him a girl.  

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