Sunday, June 16, 2013

Memories through Pictures - End of 2012

When I first started this blog, I mostly used it as a journal.  But then I got ideas for specific posts.  Now I almost never just write about our daily lives.  It makes me kind of sad that so much of our lives has been lost.

For example, I never really wrote about the kids' birthday parties or about the holidays.  But I did take a lot of pictures.  I feel like the pictures are able to tell me the story of the past.

This was going to be a blog talking about some of these past events, but I now have new idea.  I think I will post a few pictures and talk about the memories they bring up for me.  :)

William's birthday
William's birthday party was kind of low key.  We had friends and family there, but William himself wasn't too excited by the whole thing.  He wasn't very into his presents.  He did enjoy his cake, though. 

Natalie's birthday
Natalie's birthday party was more exciting for both kids.  We had a hula theme, at Natalie's request since she loved Lilo and Stitch all through the summer.  Here the kids are lined up to hula watching a kids' instructional DVD.  Natalie had a good time, and was only overwhelmed when the kids crowded her a presents time.  I made cupcakes with hula girl toppers that Natalie was pretty excited about. 

I know neither child is looking at the picture, but this is what I remember and loved the most about Halloween.  This was the first occasion I can remember holding both kids hands at once, and its something I still love.  Natalie chose to be Batman a few months in advance, and we decided William should be the Hulk since we had a joke about him "Hulk smashing."  Natalie did a great job saying "trick or treat" at the first house, then never said it the same again, though she did talk to the neighbors a lot.  She wasn't scared by anyone in costume or any dogs.  William did a good job too his first time trick or treating.  He had no problem taking the candy and putting it in his bucket. 


Looking back, I don't have too much to say about Thanksgiving except two things: 1) it was so much better than the year before because Natalie's JRA had just started the year before, and 2) it was the first family gathering with Baby Stephen. 

Sadly, for the second year in a row, I was sick on Christmas.  It started with what I thought was a hangover after going out dancing the night before we went to my parents', but soon it was clear that I was just sick.  This is me on the couch getting a snuggle from the kids on Christmas day.  I got a burst of energy to help the kids get through opening their presents, then crashed.  We left that day.  I was out of commission on the couch for the next several days.  I had nasty junk everywhere in my head and a high fever.  I wound up with an ear infection, as did both kids, William's only being detected by a 104 fever!  Christmas lacked the joy and magic this year. 

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