Monday, November 26, 2012

Weekly Menu 11/25/12

I've been thinking about posting our weekly menus for a while since I've seen other bloggers do it.  Today, I went out to lunch with a bunch of new friends who haven't been out to eat with me before and, like most people who eat with me the first time, they were curious what I eat most of the time.  So, I thought I would start posting the menu to share how to eat wheat / gluten, egg, and nut free. 

Items with a more complex recipe are links bringing you to the recipe. 

Sunday - steak with Montreal seasoning, mashed potatoes (frozen from big batch), broccoli

Monday - Pizza casserole (substitute rice pasta)  (third portion reheated from frozen), rest of broccoli from Sunday

Tuesday - dinner out at Ruby Tuesdays to support Advocates for Children!

Wednesday - crock pot night - Pot Roast - unsure of final recipe but will include second half of roast defrosted with carrots, potatoes, and celery

Thursday - Chicken (probably with rotisserie seasoning), Uncle Ben's chicken flavored 90 second rice, carrots

Friday - Meatloaf (reheat from frozen), green beans, usually mashed potatoes but we just had them Sunday

Sunday - Salmon (butter and dill), white rice, peas (which I can't eat, but everyone else will)

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  1. Thanks, Jacky! This is helpful! Looks like rice is a nice alternative for you. I'll have to remember that. Oh, and I have a good chili recipe to try if we have a pot luck. Do you like it spicy or not?