Saturday, November 24, 2012

40 Days of Christmas \ Winter Crafts

 I won't be able to do them all, at least not one a day, because we will be starting a few days after Thanksgiving, but I got the idea of pre-planning a craft a day running from the day after Thanksgiving to New Year's Day.  Most of these are ideas from Pinterest.  I hope to write a short entry for each idea, including links back to the pins that inspired me.

I've tried to include ideas with varying degrees of difficulty so that not only Natalie (3 years) but also William (15 months) have crafts they will enjoy.  Other than planning and prepping materials, my big roadblock with crafts is finding a way William won't destroy what Natalie is making, so crafts they can do together at the kitchen table, which also allow me to divide my attention, are important.

Many of these ideas can be made using different medium, such as paper, card stock, felt, or craft foam.  Many items can be used as tree ornaments, greeting card covers, gift tags, or magnets. 

These are currently not in any particular order.  
  1. Free play with Christmas stickers; stampers; and red, green, and white paint (afterwards cut into Christmas shapes and make gift tags, greeting cards, or ornaments)
  2. Paper snow flakes
  3. Hand print Christmas trees
  4. Wrapping paper strip Christmas trees
  5. Salt dough ornaments
  6. Christmas card garland with clothespins (paint clothespins and / or decorate with pom poms and other materials to make reindeer, snowmen, Santa, elves, nutcrackers, Christmas trees, angels)
  7. Pony beads on pipe cleaners - trees, wreathes, candy canes
  8. Painting with pine needles
  9. Decorating big pine cones
  10. Footprint reindeer
  11. Upside down gingerbread man reindeer
  12. Felt cookie cutter cut outs
  13. Felt hand print reindeer
  14. Candy cane reindeer
  15. Footprint snowmen
  16. Cotton ball snowmen
  17. Cut paper snowmen with pipe cleaners, pom poms, and / or buttons
  18. Popsicle stick triangle ornament
  19. No-sew felt stockings
  20. Store bought kits
  21. Pom pom snowmen clothespin magnet
  22. Paper Santa face including hat
  23. Paper Christmas tree with sticker ornaments and wrapping paper presents
  24. Paper Christmas tree with green scraps, pom poms, jewels, buttons. 
  25. Sponge stamping tissue paper for wrapping
  26. Cookie cutters as paint stampers
  27. Thumbprint Christmas lights
  28. Thumbprint snowmen (on ball ornament)
  29. TP roll Santa
  30. Pom poms glued on big Styrofoam ball ornament
  31. Green pom pom Christmas tree
  32. Paper plate wreathes with sequin (variations with hand prints, glue pieces of green paper)
  33. Paper bag reindeer with hand print antlers
  34. TP roll reindeer with egg carton feet
  35. Reindeer hat with hand print antlers
  36. Puzzle piece snowflakes
  37. Sprigs of holly
  38. Paint with white paint on dark paper 
  39. Santa's sleigh and reindeer scene with paper
  40. Shaped photo frame ornaments from felt or foam
  41. Jingle bell bracelets
  42. Christmas / winter scene on long strip of paper (can make into hat)
  43. Angel
  44. Nativity scene
  45. Polar bear
  46. Penguin 
  47. Paper Poinsettias  
  48. Cheerio bird feeders in Christmas shapes

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