Thursday, November 1, 2012

Flash Update!

  • words (not sure which ones of these are new since last time): car, beep beep, tada, sticker, Abby, pee pee, all done, all gone, night night, bye, boo (peekaboo), baby, yogurt, Elmo
  • Walks holding our hand 
  • walks backward
  • Plays independently better both home and away from home in a familar place
  • climbs from chairs onto tables
  • climb downstairs backward, climb off chairs
  • loves to be chased
  • went to the dentist!
  • Makes up her own stories even if based on characters from somewhere else
  • Figured out that yogurt and yoda started with the same letter because the sound the same, and other similar letter sound ideas
  • States that she is brave as a superhero and not afraid of dogs
  • Sings all the time
  • Usually covers when she coughs
  • Very beginning understanding of charity and death

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