Tuesday, October 30, 2012


So we were trying to explain to Natalie that her life isn't so bad if she can't have dessert because she didn't eat her lasagna.  We told her that some kids have no food, or toys, or warm clothes.  Here is the exchange:

Mommy: What if you were outside without any clothes?
Natalie: I would wear a bathing suit and swim in the pool.
Mommy: But what if it was winter and you didn't have a coat?
Natalie: I would wear a scarf.
Daddy: But you wouldn't have a scarf.
Natalie: Yes I would!  I would buy one! 
Daddy: You wouldn't have any money to buy one.  Or money for clothes or toys or food. 
Natalie stopped and though. 
Natalie: Then someone would give us money. 
Mommy: Yes, and do you want to know what that is called? 
Natalie: Yes
Mommy: Charity.  And that is why we are giving away some of the toys you and William don't play with to kids who don't have any. 

Mike and I were really impressed at how she got there on her own. 

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