Monday, November 12, 2012

Activities for all Letters

This is really a brain storm list right now. I would never ever do all this for one letter! I recommend finding a few core things you do every letter for routine, then sample others when it most makes sense depending on the letter, your resources, the time of year, child's age, and child's interests.

  • Read books
  • Point out letter in print everywhere
  • Point out letter sound in everyday life
  • Sing a song like one on Sesame St where they repeat the sound, change up the item
  • Easy craft turning letter into something that starts with it
  • Alphabet puzzles (peg or jig saw)
  • Alphabet fridge magnets
  • Alphabet flashcards (just to look at, play with, and maybe talk about a few: not drilling)
  • Tracing in a bag of paint or other homemade goop
  • Sensory bin
  • Lacing cards
  • Card stock puzzles
  • Tracing and drawing
  • Coloring sheets
  • Matching upper and lowercase - spoons, Easter eggs, themed sheets
  • Cookie cutters in play dough
  • Build or trace with Playdoh
  • Imprint into Playdoh
  • Build with paper
  • Trace with manipulatives (magnets, pom poms, buttons, letter related food)
  • Trace with stickers
  • Trace / write / circle / color letter on photos of people or characters know who's name start with the letter
  • Find and color or cover all of the letter (varying levels of difficulty)
  • Scavenger hunt for the letter or items that start with it
  • Watch videos - we mostly do sesame street, but Between the Lions can be good for phonics. Natalie also really likes this food show called Cullen and Gator we stumbled on.
  • Play with alphabet stickers
  • Make letters out of sandpaper to trace roughness
  • Draw or trace in shaving foam
  • Icing for cookies or cupcakes
  • Use cookie cutters on food like pancakes, sandwiches, watermelon, cheese, and of course cookies
  • Make tracing sheet of name
  • Homemade alphabet book
  • Play with Scramble tiles, Bananagram pieces, or Boogle cubes
  • Make jewelry with alphabet beads
  • Play with alphabet blocks
  • Foam letters for the tub
  • Trip to somewhere featuring letter (educational like fire station, or not like Wendy's)

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