Monday, November 12, 2012

Letter J Week

I had a horrible time getting back going with letter J!  I couldn't find any titles.  I couldn't find any items in the house.  But we finally got back into the swing of things.  Took longer on J than I meant to though because a fever William had prevented us from visiting the library to change up books for letter K. 

Just ... Little Critter series by Mercer Meyer
Jesse Bear What Will You Wear by Nancy White Callstrom
Joseph Had a Little Overcoat  by Taback
Jenny's Moonlight Adventure by Ester Averill
Jump, Frog, Jump by Robert Kalan
Jackalope by Stevens
King Jack by Beutley
Jake's Best Thumb by Cooper
Leaf Jumpers by Gerber
The Calico Jungle by Ipcar
The Jacket I Wear in the Snow by Neitzel
The Day Jimmy's Boa Constricter Ate the Wash by Noble
Sheep in a Jeep by Shaw
Jack and Jill (any version of the nursery rhyme)
Jack and the Beanstalk (any version of the fairy tale, but a good one to check out is Paul Galdone because he has several fairy tales for young children)
Junglewalk by Nancy Tafuri (wordless book, but still J on cover)
Jumangi by Chris Van Allsburg (wordless book, but still J on the cover)
The Giant Jam Sandwich by John Vernon Lord
Norma Jean the Jumping Bean by Joanna Cole

Other J ideas I didn't explore include January, June, and July; jelly beans; Jasmine (the Disney Princess from Aladdin); jaguar; jet plane.  I wish I had thought things through more in advance to get a Jasmine book and some jelly beans, or at least stickers of them. What I did think to do was to print out pictures of Jasmine and Jake (from Neverland Pirates) for her bin.  Then later, I realized she could use craft jewels as manipulatives for outlining letter J.  So, it shaped up to be an okay week.  Funny enough, Natalie's favorite book this week from the letter J choices was Jack and Jill by Salley Mavor.  Its a simple little board book with cute art that appears to be photographs of dolls acting out the story.  We also read a book called My Letter J Book.  It is the type of book that puts the content before the storyline.  Worth a read or two just for the exposure to the letter sounds and seeing it in print.

This weeks activities:
Read letter J books (point out the J's on cover, notice some J's in story)
Practice making the J sound
Watch letter J playlist
Tracing letter J with jewels
Letter J coloring sheets
Make letter J with a jump rope on it (hang with the rest of our alphabet in the hall)
Letter J bin
Coloring sheet for Jack and Jill, circle or color all the J's
Jump rope letter J

J specific activities we didn't do this week:
tracing letter J with jelly beans
placing jelly beans (or jewels) on all the letter J's in a picture
writing J with jelly or jam on bread or J shaped jelly sandwiches
jewelry out of J beads
jump on the letter J's placed on the floor
make Jello Jinglers and use a J cookie cutter

Letter J Playlist:

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