Wednesday, November 21, 2012


I feel a little guilty writing updates since there is so much to say about William and not so much about Natalie. Its not that Natalie is learning a lot, but what she learns is so much more subtle.

New words - me, mine, down, eat, more, open, owl, who (owl sound)
Working on words - door, play, 
Knows where our noses are, meeps them, pretends to steal them.  He brought me a tissue and wiped my noes today. 
Really likes looking at pictures of babies in books
Unzip and take off a coat or hoodie
Working on animal noises like moo, baa, and neigh
Gets his coat and / or shoes to say he wants to go out
Likes to share his blanket with me by putting it in my mouth
Really starting to like playing with the Little People items (barn, bus, plane, dollhouse)

Can put together a 24 piece puzzel all by herself.  (Several different ones, so its not just memorizing the picture)
Knew all the letters in Thanksgiving except the V (which we haven't studied yet anyway!)
Continues to be interested in letters and their sounds, especially P this week
Continues to pretend to read and write, now pointing at specific words
Continues to expand her library of songs she can sing, which includes Kelly Clarkson, Taylor Swift, Elvis, Katy Perry, and Mumford and Sons. 
Current struggle is learning about respect for elders (including eating more than a bite of the food we provide at dinner)
Had some awesome participation (even with a different librarian) and listening (even with lots of distractions) at recent story times

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