Saturday, March 10, 2012

Natalie had the best day she's had in a while. Antics included:

* sitting on the potty with Mommy
* coloring
* playing with blocks
* singing a lot
* fun at play date inclding joining in group "excercises," ring around the rosie, and hide and seek
* climbing uo and down set of 6 steps alone
* whining over normal two year old things like sharing toys
* playing ghost
* running away from Mommy at bath time
* sponge painting
* eating a whole tuna sandwich, yogurt, blueberries at lunch
* laughing at funny noises
* shreiking
* hiding from Daddy and William
* petting a cat
* giving Baby Kitty a ride in a stroller
* talking on the phone about her day

Meanwhile, after two good nights of sleep, William was grumpy this afternoon. He had fun at our play date chewing on doll house furniture and tea cups and playing with a couple friends briefly, but he had to be forced to eat and banged his head a few times. In the afternoon, he got upset about even the smallest crawling set back. I think one leg may feel stiff from shots.

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