Sunday, March 11, 2012


* starting to understand idea of a last name and repeat her's
* starting to count objects versus just reciting numbers
* can play a matching game when she is interested
* tries to manipulate us by acting sad
* can pull down her pants, take off socks with help, sometimes take off shoes, and take off a coat / sweater if it is pushed off her shoulders
* constantly learning new words and pretty much always takes in full sentences, often 10 words long
* colors with purpose and says she is drawing certain things
* continues to be insightful about William's emotions and needs
* says excuse me
* wanted something off the TV for the first time and talks about it from time to time
* likes hide and seek
* adds new things to her vocabulary after hearing once

* rocking and hopping on knees
* a few times has gotten from knees back to bum
* getting the hang of chewing solid food
* working on pincer grasp
* interacting with other kids and babies
* enjoying books
* more interest in toys
* can stand holding on to a table for a short while
* says dads and hi pretty consistently

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