Thursday, March 8, 2012

Every night before I go to bed it seems I promise that tomorrow I will be a better mother, yet there I am the next night promising again. Usually the same mistakes get me again and again, though not necessarily consecutive days.

* I will not lose patience with Natalie over attributes that may be related to whatever medically is wrong with her right now. This includes crying and whining about picking things up, climbing, stairs, laying down, and removing her own clothes. This also means not rushing her walking.

* I will play with and talk to William more including reading and praising him. I'll try to include him more in what I do with Natalie. Too often its bed time and we share a few wonderful moments and I realize I've missed him all day.

* I will not let things that don't need to be done get in the way of paying attention to the kids. This includes a large array of things from frivolus Facebook and Pinterest to more productive cleaning and phone calls.

* I will actively play with Natalie more versus just interacting with her over snacks, dressing, choosing TV shows, and calming her crying.

* I will not yell at or otherwise by mean to either child when fet up with their crying over what seems like nothing over and over again. It obviously isn't nothing to them and they don't mean to ruin storytime or lunch or crafts or whatever.

* I will try to remember that play is for fun, learning and working out stress, and not just a way to keep them each busy while I deal with the other, pee, or otherwise try to function.

* I will not talk about Natalie where she can hear me unless it is planned to praise her. I also won't swear in front of her.

* I will try not to push either child beyond his or her capabilities including William self soothing and Natalie using the potty.

* I will try not to compare my children to others, even when just determining average for medical reasons.

A lot of the reason today went poorly was stress over not knowing what behaviors of Natalie's are associated with physical problems coupled with guilt that William isn't getting my attention like Natalie did. I just wind up so frustrated that I'm mean to Natalie and too wound up to enjoy William.

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