Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

Over the last week, I've had Natalie making valentines as our crafts.  We started with Nana's, which came out very traditional in pink with lots of hearts.  The next day we did her cousin Caleb's.  I limited the sticker choices to Cars, vehicles, and Bob the Builder.  She chose a green back ground.  I transcribed a message for her on the back since she got so excited that she wanted to talk to Caleb right then.  It went something like: Hello.  I want to show you my Kai-lan doll.  Let's share these stickers.  Next came valentines for her three friends at our play date on Friday.  She did great with the character stickers. 

But, the best was making a valentine for Daddy.  When I asked if she wanted to make it, she was excited and immediately said we should use black, which is one of Daddy's favorite colors.  She made a face with the heart stickers.  But the best was when we got to the back and I asked her what to write.  With no hesitation at all she said: I love you, Daddy.  I then let her sign her name. 

Tonight I hear Natalie coming down the hall and tapping at William's door as I'm letting him settle to sleep after nursing.  I'm surprised when Mike actually lets her come in.  She walks over to me in the dark and hands me something.  Its the valentine for me!  I'm so excited to get out of the dark and see it.  This is the first time Natalie has ever made anything for ME.  After bedtime, I ask Mike all about her making it.  He said she was excited to make one for me when he asked.  What I immediately notice is that she has used my favorite red, glittery hearts.  I've asked her many times while making valentines if she wants to use them and she's always said no.  Mike said she was sticker crazy.  At one point she said Mommy likes pink, when using pink hearts.  She also has put two lady bugs, which Mike says she said something like baby lady bug goes with mommy lady bug.  She also put a hat sticker on the mommy lady bug. 

But the absolute best is that he says she knew exactly what she wanted to say on my valentine, too.  After writing "I love you, Mommy," for her, Mike let her use the marker to write her name.  After a few marks, she asked him for help and said again "I love you, Mommy."  That's the most heartwarming thing I've heard in a long time! 

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