Monday, February 6, 2012

Another under the covers blog

I never read under the covers with a flashlight as a kid. Not really sure why. Might have been no desire to stay up late or that I felt I got enogh time reading in during the day. Might have also been I was too afraid of how angry my mom would be catching me. I also hate the stuffiness under the covers. But, I'm finfing this little gap of time a good time to write for a bit. Its nice to not have to do anything but roll over on to my side to go to sleep.

Today was a pretty good day. Any day with minimal crying is good, but today had an extra something. William got up early so he went down for his first nap early, right after Natalie's breakfast. I then had at least an hour and a half alone with Natalie. We played with Kai-lan paper dolls dressing them all for Halloween. Then we played cars. She made them crash and I made the police car come over to check things out. The cars stood on their back ends to hug. Then we made them spin. Next, we made Daddy's valentine. She was very clear about how she wanted to make it. We also read the Little Mermaid and she got dressed. Then, we watched home movies on the computer. By that time William woke up and we only had half an hour to get reafy for play group. It was so nice to just play together.

I didn't have as much nice play time with William today, but I did over the weekend. For him, he just like being smiled at, talked to, kissed, and tickled. Toys can get him really frustrated when his hands can't grasp them right or get them in his mouth right. But, in the last two weeks he has changed so mich and he is so fun to watch now. He really plays and is curious. He wants to move and explore so much. So different from Natalie who was content with fine motor skills, he wants to check out what is on the other side of the room. Since he learned to roll, it won't be long before he is really moving.

The day ended on a high note. We bathed William in the tub again, but this time Natalie noticed and was so interested. She wanted to help, but was just getting water everywhere. So we let her get in the bath with him. He splashed so much and she started to, too. This changed her routine some, and I could see she was a bit confused, but we ended the night reading to her all tucked in bed.

William went down easily as well. After bath, I got him dressed and read him a book. Then he quickly fell asleep as I read him some Pinocchio. I moved him to the other side and he woke up just enough to eat. Since then he has made a couple noises and moved to his stomach, but other wise is sleeping peacefully.

Excitment around here today was about going to my parents' without Mike for three or more days. If Natalie went back to sleeping quietly all night, it would be less scary, but she cries every night night now since her torticollis in early November. It will be hard dealing with her all night as well as William's unperdictable sleep for three nights. Then even though my parents are there, it always harder away from home. We are going to a family party on Sunday and Natalie's first movie on Wednesday, which is the reason for this extended solo stay.

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