Monday, February 6, 2012

Valentine's Love Bugs

My daughter is really into lady bugs right now.  As a different Valentine's craft, we did some painting using a heart shaped sponge.  Afterwards, I cut out the hearts planning for us to use them on Valentine's, but I got to thinking about her love for lady bugs.  So, I put the two together and made some love bugs.

The love bug of the right is made from a foam sponge painting as the body.  The head is a foam heart sticker.  I made the face and heart spots with regular black fine tip marker.  I used black felt for the legs and antenna.  Pink pom poms top off the antenna. 

The love bug on the left used pieces from the right as templates.  I traced the foam heart body on to pink foam sheet to make the new love bug body.  I then traced a foam heart sticker on black felt to make the new head.  One pink pipe cleaner was cut into thirds to make the legs.  Gluing those in place was difficult.  I had to turn it over upside down and let it dry over night before gluing the rest together.  The eyes are googly eyes and a tiny pom pom for the nose, which Natalie chose.  I used three jewels for each of the wings.  Natalie was able to help put everything together once the legs were dry.

Of course, different combinations of these elements could be used.  I really like the antenna and the jewels the best.  My husband said he liked the drawn face the best.  So, if I were to make another love bug, I would try that combination.  We have a play date a few days before Valentine's Day with three other two year olds.  I already had Natalie made then Valentines, but then I got started on the love bugs.  So, I made up ziplock bags with all the pieces to make two love bugs.  For these, I had to mix up the colors of the materials since I didn't want to give away all my red heart jewels or pink pipe cleaners.

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