Tuesday, February 7, 2012

William Update

This update will be mostly about William for a change!

William has had huge changes the last few weeks!

  • First of all, he cut not one, but two teeth within a couple days!  
  • William learned to sit up about two weeks ago.  Then about five days ago he learned to sit up really, really well.  We no longer need the infant seat and Bumbo seat.  
  • William has gotten really good at picking up toys to explore and chew.  He gets very into his toys.  He flaps his arms and slams his hands. 
  • William is now interested in things happening across the room and works to get to them.  Which leads me too ...
  • William has learned to roll over a few times to get to something.  The first time it was to get to the coffee table to look at some craft supplies under the table.  He got angry when I moved him back, which was how I figured out he was deliberately trying to get somewhere.  Today I saw him roll to get to a toy.  
  • William also has learned to do sort of a full body scooch to get to things he wants.  When our home visitor was here, he did this a full foot and a half to get his stuffed monkey, but we've never seen a repeat performance that good again.  
  • William has started saying some repeating sounds like rarara and possibly even dada.  
  • William has toppled on his head several times now, making it the first time he's gotten hurt.  
  • William has moved into the big bath tub.  One time was with Natalie.  He loved it and splashed the whole time and grabbed at toys.  
  • William has played with Natalie a few times by standing at the coffee table.  He needs a lot of help to get standing and then can only support himself for a little bit.  If he gets too involved in his toys, he falls over.  
  • William enjoys tickling now.  He also sometimes laughs when we do.  
  • William has pet Ellie kitty and Hazel kitty.  
  • William has tried solid foods.  I let him teeth on some cold raw carrots.  Over the weekend, he tried organic brown rice cereal twice.  He seemed to go back and forth about liking it.  He leaned forward for more, but he made faces at it.  I also let him smell banana and taste it twice.  He really liked the banana.  I started with a half, but he grabbed it and broke off a fist full.  I took it from him because I was scared he'd shove the whole thing in his mouth!  I then let him suck on it and gum it for a while.  He maybe swallowed a tiny bit, but definitely enjoyed the experience. 
A few Natalie updates:
  • Natalie can not only draw lines horizontal and vertical, but also circles.  
  • Natalie had been interested in saying hello to whoever I talk to on the phone, but doesn't get how its different than video calls on Skype.  
  • We've moved her bath up in the bed time routine so that she can bath with William three times a week.  
  • Natalie ate a whole half a sandwich for the first time.  It was almond butter and jelly.  
  • Natalie has been helping clean up at play group.  
  • Natalie has started to sing with me or along at story time or play group.  At story time, she is sitting with the other kids to listen some of the time. 

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