Sunday, January 22, 2012

Scrap Box

One of the best craft ideas I've had is to make a scrap box.  I took a large shoe box (really a boot box) and whenever we have scraps of anything, I throw it in there.

Some items in there right now are:
small pieces of construction paper
scraps of felt and fleece
ends of ribbon
toilet paper tube
squares of wrapping paper
cut out pictures from calendars, greeting cards, wrapping paper, etc
handful of cotton balls
left over construction paper and tissue  paper shapes
unused sequins and foam pieces from craft kits
a couple cool patterned mismatched socks
paper that's been painted on one side

I love this box for two reasons.

  1. I have a place to put all this junk now.  I hate throwing away things we might possibly use, especially things that we have to purchase more of.  Instead of them just winding up scrambled and crumpled with my other supplies in a drawer making it so I can't find anything, now I have these extra items in one place.
  2. When Natalie asks to make a craft, I can shuffle through the box and see what I can think off to make out of what we have.  I don't have to go searching around for these items all over the house or take time to remake small pieces. 

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