Sunday, January 22, 2012

Bettter or Worse

There are some things I feel pretty horrible about for William. Being the second child with a toddler sibling, he is left alone, both happy and crying, far more often than Natalie ever was. He also gets read to and talked to directly a lot less.

But, being second does have a few benefits.
  • I knew how to nurse which created a lot less stress for everyone.
  • He got held a lot more as a newborn.
  • He gets brought to a lot more interesting places to watch people and see new things.
  • I knew which toys and books were best for him at which ages.
  • I decided to wait on solids and wasn't afraid to try making our own baby food. I also knew about more feeding options like baby led weaning and organic brown rice cereal.  
  • He has more toys and books. 
  • He can watch and listen to Natalie. 

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