Tuesday, January 10, 2012

More Fun with Natalie

Natalie found the Christmas card from Jay that  plays Rudoloph.  After saying that the Rudoplh picture was now missing from the wall, she said she found him in the drawer.  She then took out the reindeer lunch bag puppet we'd made from the toys.  She wanted to feed him a pear, so she ran off to her room and came back with a banana.  I then asked her if she could get him a carrot, since that is what we gave them on Christmas Eve.  She ran off again and came back saying she couldn't find it.  I told her to go back and dump the basket to find it, and she tried to carry it down the hall.  When I wen tto look later, there was a trail of play good the whole way.  She got the puppet a carrot and said, Open, Ahhh and she pulled open its mouth and shoved the carrot in.  She then said he liked it.  Later, she told him to try it, he'll like, and to just eat a little bit.  (Guess where she is getting that from?  yup, us at dinner).

Later, Natalie made two identical pink plates with a strawberry and blue fork.  One was for me and one was for her.  She then sat next to me on the chair as we pretended to eat them.  I said thank you a bunch and she said you're welcome a bunch.

Also this afternoon, Natalie took all of her Sesame St figures and set them up.  They are rock and roll band themed.  She had different ones stand on the key board.  She put Big Bird to bed in the dollhouse and tried to put different ones through the windows.  But the best was when she said they had to start the show over and over.  Finally, she made the dollhouse dishwasher run and started singing "la la la."

When I put Kai-lan on for her she wanted to watch the Halloween episode.  She said she needed her Kai-lan doll, and ran to her room to get her.  Then later when Rintoo was crying, she got a tissue and said she had to blow his nose.  By the time she got to the TV (because she was up on the window ledge for some reason), it was the part with the pumpkin mess.  So she used the tissue to "clean up the mess."

Natalie says "not feeling not good" when she means bad.  During a diaper change she had on her stethoscope and was checking her knees and feet. 

At the library today Natalie was running away from a baby who was crawling after her.  She kept telling him books were hers and to not touch her sparkly shoes.  She got upset when he pulled up on her.  I foresee this creating some conflict in a few months when William can do these things.  At the library she didn't join in when two of her friends were chasing each other, tickling, and crawling under chairs during story time.  Instead, she was happy to eat her snack (a sparkly granola bar) and was very happy to sit on one of the animal pillows like the bigger girls.  When story time was over, she told me she wanted to go play with the blocks.  

I feel a little bad that when I write about all these cute things Natalie does I don't have much to say about William.  For a lot of that, William was asleep in my lap.  He had rough napping today.  Most of the rest of the time William is playing in his Bumbo seat or his infant chair.  He is very awesome to watch.  When he sees something he likes his eyes get so big.  He loves to stick his arms out to grab toys.  He loves to play with his feet.  His favorite words are Wee and Checkies.  Saying those you can really get him laughing and he does this little sheirk thing.  During the day he doesn't smile at me all that much I feel, but when Mike gets home and he carries him around, then William smiles at me more.  William also loves touching my face.  Sometimes if he is tired and happy, he will chat happily for a bit before he sucks his thumb and goes to sleep all on his own in his crib.  So, William is awesome, but he doesn't have many stories right now other than poop overflowing his diapers and keeping me up at various times of the night.

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