Friday, January 13, 2012

Short in length, long on cute

I've said before its hard to capture all the cute things Natalie does. Here a few I don't want to forget:

* yesterday we were stuck in the house all day do to a snow storm. I wanted to bring Natalie out to build a snow man, but couldn't line William's nap up to make it happen. That added to Natalie only napping 145 and refusing her lunch after saying it was yummy had pretty annoyed with her. I leave the room to put a poopy diaper and shirt away leaving William on the floor. When I return, Natalie is laying on her tummy across from William asking how he is, saying she's being a big sister, and leaning her head against his saying he's so cute.

* Natalie is playing with some dragon figurines of mine while I talk on the phone with my mom. One is holding a heart and the other books. She says, my heart, my red book. Then accuses the dragons of "not sharing."

* Natalie has a hard time waiting for dinner to be ready. Usually, she comes out to the kitchen announcing many times that she is ready. Last night one time she ran out to the hall, watched me for a few seconds and said "not ready" and ran back. It didn't last though, so I gave her a dish towel and she did a great job drying a couple pans I set on a chair for her.

Meanwhile, William has starting putting his left foot in his mouth. This is very fun to watch because Natalie did it only a few times ever and was much older. William does it every chance he gets. William continues to love the EEE sound. Last night Mikw put a ton of toys on the highchair tray for him to play with at dinner. He was fascinated. William is starting to like teethers, but his fine motor control isn't as good as Natalie's was and he has a hard time getting them in his mouth right. So, he likes to pull our fingers, especailly knuckles and thumbs, into his mouth. And, just now, William slept all the way to 415! He did this once at Thanksgiving, too. Maybe we are getting back on track with his sleep after a week or so of more and earlier wakings.

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