Sunday, January 8, 2012

Cute and Awesome Update!

  • I love reading with Natalie.  Here are a few current favorites: Ruby's Tea for Two, Curious George, How to Hug, Shark!, Gossie, and a baby toy flap book.  What is so great about reading with Natalie is when she gets involved in the story.  For example, she can read Ruby's Tea for Two almost word for word.  For Gossie or Curious George, she likes to comment on the pictures.  Tonight at bed time we read a Duck and Goose book about feelings.  She did a very good job identifying sad, happy, scared and angry.  But, what was even better was the proud and frustrated page.  She understood that the "white duck not feeling not good" as she put it.  I explained frustrated to her and she says, "I help" and pretends to take his sticks and build with them like the proud duck.  Also awesome was that for the picture of the ducks hugging after the angry picture (where the ducks were fighting about the bus, she said) she said, "oh, I forgive you."  
  • Natalie has started to say she can't do something or sorry when she is busy or doesn't want to do something.  I'm pretty sure she learned this from me when I have to tell her I can't do something because I'm holding or feeding William.  Sometimes she says she can't just because she can say it, other times its more mischiviously defiant to push boundries.  
  • Natalie took off her pants all by herself for the first time tonight with Mike's direction.  She has resisted doing this for a long time.  
  • One of Natalie's favorite games continues to make families out of objects and play with.  A recent favorite was a really cute set of pop bead bugs that were actually a Christmas present for William.  She calls them Buzz Buzz - Mommy, Daddy, and Natalie.  She uses her name like a position in the family.  
  • At play group Natalie made a toy doll.  The other day she took her doll, put it in William's bouncy seat and rocked it.  Then she called it her little sister and read it a book!
  • Natalie says complex sentence structures now.  There was a prefect example in the grocery store today but Mike and I can't remember what she said.  
  • Natalie has an awesome memory.  Tonight I offered to read to he a book I swear we haven't read in a month and then only read once or twice and she says Sam.  Guess what?  The main character was Sam.  I didn't even remember that. 
  • Natalie knows to click glasses for cheers. 

  • William's night time sleep is nowhere near as regular as Natalie's was.  When Natalie was a baby, when she dropped a nursing, she never went back until she slept through the night.  William is all over the place though.  Some nights he goes until 2am.  A few times he's gone all the way to 4am.  But then recently he had times he's gotten up at 10 or 11.  We think part of the difference is that William moves a lot more in his sleep than Natalie and that wakes him up.  Natalie was much older when she consistently started rolling on to her stomach and Natalie maybe got her feet through the crib slats a few times the whole time she used the crib where it is almost a nightly occurrence for William. 
  • One positive about William's sleeping is that if he is happy, he can put himself to sleep in his bed more easily than Natalie did at this age.  He can nurse until he is yawning and cooing, then I can put him in his crib and he will fall asleep after a little talking to himself.  He can do this for a nap, too.  
  • William is swiftly outgrowing his infant seat.  He now wiggles so much he almost has his butt on the bottom of the seat.  He will sit in the Bumbo, but doesn't like to stay there all day.  So, we've been working on having him sit more actively than we did with Natalie.  Some days he can sit very well with the Boppy pillow around his back for a little support.  The problem is that he often straightens out because he is much more interested in standing than he is in sitting. 
  • Just in the last few days William has gotten much better at picking up a toy and getting it into his mouth.  
  • There is a possibility that William is working on his bottom teeth.  He is chomping on our hands and sometimes seems to like it when I rub his gums when he is fussy.  Of course, he might just be starting the process and we might not see any teeth for a few months yet.  
  • William loves the sound EEE.  His absolute favorites are "checkies" and the wee at the end of This Little Piggie.  
  • William appears to be starting to take a preference to me.  A few weeks ago he started to pout and cry for strangers who held him, but just recently he seems to have less smiles for Mike and more watching me. 
  • While I'm sure Natalie did it too, William really likes to reach in front of him for a toy.  He puts both arms out straight in front of him and reaches bringing his hands together. 

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