Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A Day with Natalie and Mommy

We started the day playing Macaronisaurus on Sesame Street on line while Natalie ate two bowls of Oops All Berries Capt Crunch cereal for breakfast.

After breakfast, we played with play doh and made turtles and penguins with the cutters in pink, blue and black.  Natalie counted the four penguins.  She asked me to make mommy, daddy, baby, and Natalie turtles and penguins. Elmo helped make a penguin.  We also put Mr Potato Head together and Natalie was sad he was missing an ear.  Natalie made a red and yellow car race and kiss.  the race track was the safety foam around the coffee table.  While I nursed William, I read her Kai-lan gets dressed.  Also played with some were the pop bead bugs and the needle point blocks. At 9 we put on the TV and watched a recorded episode of Sesame Street where Elmo, Telly and Abby pretend to be super heroes.  We shared a snack of toast with strawberry jelly and bacon.

At 10 we got ready to go out to the library.  it was really cold, so Natalie wore gloves.  She had no trouble getting them on, but got upset in the car when she didn't have baby kitty and then when she couldn't touch baby kitty's tail with her gloves on.  At the library, we heard three and a half stories (two about New Years and two silly ones).  For a snack, Natalie had a sparkly granola bar (which is a Lucky Charms cereal bar) and she told me she had sparkly crumbs on her hands.  Natalie then played with her friend Emily some and another little girl.  They played with the blocks and Emily's mom helped them pretended they were on a train (these were big blocks).  Natalie found a book of the Lion King and had a small fight with a little boy over it but he gave in and gave it to her.  She then climbed up on to a chair to read it.  Natalie told me on the way out to walk slower when we left, which prevented her from crying for about half of the walk back to the car, but it was really cold and windy.

When we got home, we had lunch right away.  Natalie had yogurt and blueberries.  We read two books we'd taken out of the library.  Then Natalie went right down for nap.

Natalie didn't get up from nap until about 345.  She woke up happy and immediately wanted a snack.  She had a banana in the kitchen, and then some honey Teddy Grahams in the living room.  We read Ruby's Tea for Tea about ten times.  She played more with the pop bead bugs telling me which ones were the mommy and daddy.  She also played with the cars and blacks some more.  At about 430 we turned on the TV and watched YGG New Friends (Mommy chose the episode and Natalie the show) and then Kai-lan rabbit episode (which Mommy guessed was the one with the rabbit acrobats, Rinto's Big Flip).  During YGG we did the dancy dance together.

That brings us to five, which now.

Other games we've played recently:
  • making a tent out of a blanket and the space between the couch and coffee table
  • playing with flash light - Natalie can turn a small on off and on
  • playing with her new stacking train, which she calls Thomas
  • playing with the cut out YGG characters
  • stills like playing nap / bed time, but now asks for a good night story 
  • playing doctor with her new doctor kit.  usually she says you are okay when she listens to your breathing and heart.  she'll walk around wearing the stthyscope, and calls it something a little close to that
  • putting the number and letter magnets on her new easle
  • before Christmas, we were coloring pages for the 12 days of Christmas and hanging them in the hall. 
  • the other night we played super hero and she ran around with a recieving blanket like a cape for a while. 

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