Tuesday, January 3, 2012


It feels like forever since I wrote just a regular blog, but its only been a couple weeks.  We have been busy with the holiday.  Unfortunately Christmas was only a little less of a disastor overall than Thanksgiving.

The Wednesday before Christmas at about 4am I am half awake with William sleeping on my lap after a nursing session and I hear Natalie coughing and gagging in her room.  I recognized the sound from last winter and knew right away she was puking.  I paniced.  I didn't want to wake William by moving him too fast, but I wanted to get in there.  So I texted Mike to wake him up because we have a deal that he will get up if I text him for help.  (yet another way the smart phones with unlimited texting have come in handy).  But he is too slow to get the message, find his phone, read it, comprehend it, and get up.  Too slow because he took longer than a few seconds.  So I move William and go in to check on Natalie.  She's puked all over her bed.  The saddest part is she is saying that she's messed up Kai-lan on her pillow.  I regroup for a minute to figure out what to do with her.  At first it looked like she needed a bath because it seemed like there was puke everywhere, but it really wasn't necessary.  Her bed was a mess though.  And were we happy we have to Baby Kitty loveys because Baby Kitty was the one who needed a bath for sure.

Mike stayed home from work to help out, but it turns out that Natalie only got sick two or three more times and none of them as sever.  Each of those times it was on a blanket, so we just added it to the stack of laundry.  By 530am she was done getting sick, but was tired and wanted to snuggle. We stayed on the couch together watching TV for most of the morning.  At one point she finally fell asleep on me watching a Sesame Street Chanuka special.  Unfortunately, that's when William woke up from his nap crying and Mike didn't have the monitor on down in the office.  I wound up moving Natalie after five minutes and she woke up, and that is when Mike got to William, too.  A very frustrating moment since I wanted poor Natalie to sleep and he had stayed home to help. 

In the afternoon, we took Natalie to the doctor since vomiting was not a good sign when combined with her neck pain.  We were pretty sure it was just a stomach bug, but brought her in just to be safe since both our peditrician and my uncle who is a peditrican said that vomiting makes things more serious.  They agreed that it was just a stomach bug.  By that evening, Natalie had almost no fever and she was running around a bit playing. 

Thursday, Mike stayed home as well since he was supposed to stay home Friday anyway.  There didn't seem to be any point to do in for just one day, especially if he was potentially carrying around Natalie's bug.  Thursday was pretty uneventful.  Natalie felt better and the rest of us felt fine.  I took William to baby story time by himself for the first time and it was fun to just pay attention to him for once.  William got a Duke of York lap ride for the first time, and I got to clap his hands for If You're Happy and You Know It.  He was happy the whole time, though he did spit up some. 

Friday we were supposed to head to my parents' house for Christmas, but we decided to wait an extra day just to make sure Mike and I didn't get sick.  We made my dad's Christmas cookies while the kids napped.  I finished as much of the packing of presents and belongings for me and the kids. 

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