Monday, December 12, 2011

highlights of the day

Despite more spit up then I thought possible, William and I had a great afternoon together.  Natalie went down for her nap at noon, and William was still asleep in his car seat from our drive home from play group.  He woke up around 130, but Natalie didn't get up until 4, so we had three hours together.  First, he nursed and dozed.  I had a blanket around my shoulders and we were very warm and snuggly together.  Next, I had him stand in my lap a bit, which is a garenteed smile.  I did his diaper and changed his clothes.  After laying there a while, he rolled himself on to his back and did some tummy time.  Next it was the Bumbo.  We read a couple books and he played with some toys.  I went through some coupons flyers and showed him interesting pictures, but I think he liked watching me turn the pages.  Right on schedule at 345 he was fussy, so I easily rocked him to sleep in his infant chair. 

When Natalie got up, she was in a good mood  She wanted toast, and milk, and yellow melts.  I got them for her as she watched Frosty the Snowman twice.  Mike was working late so I used this time to clean up the kitchen and start setting up for dinner and bed time.  Both Natalie and William continued to be angels as I got dinner cooked.  William played under his toy gym and Natalie stole the Boppy pillow and got herself comfortable with a blanket, her milk, and Baby Kitty in front of the TV. 

After bath, I got some more time with Natalie.  She was grumpy at first about getting hair in her eyes and then lotion on her fingers.  But I sang her "Skitamarinkadinkadink" and she cheered up right away, including a request to sing it again faster.  After I got her in her Christmas pjs, she followed me over towards the bed.  I thought she was going to climb up for stories, but instead she wanted a hug.  So we had a nice long hug.  The kind where she pulls her knees up into me and puts her head on my shoulder and sucks her thumb.  I said something like I needed a hug like that and she mumbled an affirmative response around her thumb.  Then Mike came in and she schreeched thinking he was going to tickle her and hid behind me.  When we asked if she wanted stories, she enthusastically clibmed up on to the bed.  She picked No No Yes Yes, then I picked Ten in Bed.  After the night night at the end, Natalie said she was ready for bed, too, and started to curl up with her kitties.  She said good night and sweet dreams as I kissed her cheek. 

With her feeling so awful recently between her neck and what seems to be nightmares and stranger anxiety and just regular toddler tantrums, it is so nice when we get sweet moments with Natalie.  When she just tells me she loves me or gives me one of those great hugs.  I also love when I get to watch her play.  Today she was playing with a new doll house and dolls at play group and making them hug and the grandma pick up the little girl and she was singing the family song from Yo Gabba Gabba.  Additionally, I've also been loving how I can get time alone with each of them when there naps are staggered.  I thought I would really miss the down time I used to get as William slept on my lap, but not yet.  Its been nice to get time to get smiles from him and watch him roll and read him books and sing him songs. 

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