Sunday, December 18, 2011

Productive day!

Getting up at 530 has given me time to myself in the morning several times. The down side is that I then fall asleep so early and don't get to spend any time with Mike. Yesterday was very productive, though William was quite grumpy for a big chunk of the afternoon because I interrupted his nap by accident.

Things I got done yesterday:
* 1 old blog typed up
* laundry sorted, and two loads done
* finished wrapping presents!
* addressed, sealed, stamped, and stickered 38 Christmas cards
* washed new and old dishes in the sink
* helped clean the bathroom
* quickly swiffered the kitchen floor and cleaned the counter
* mailed packages at the post office
* returned some library books
* cooked dinner
* updated William's baby book and tried to update his month by month frame (no good small 3 or 4 month pictures)
* worked on needlepoint blocks in the car
* regular stuff like cleaning up clutter, putting away toys, putting dishes in the dishwasher, setting up for bed time

Today's goals:
* take a shower. I had planned to take one during this early morning time, but William has slept through the night! He has whined and sucked his thumb off and on for a few hours though leaving me to think he could wake at any moment, so I don't want to shower now necessarily and leave Mike with a starving baby.
* make fudge. I always make sugar cookies for my dad for Christmas. Its still early to make those, but this year o though =ld make fudge to bring to Christmas because it seems more like something my mother would like. Its my first time making (or trying) it. I thought it would be harder, but it looks like a lot of stirring.
* finish laundry
* get more work done on blocks
* watch movie I slept through during nap time?
* play with the kids more
* watch the Survivour finale, maybe while snuggling with Mike? Our chairs downstairs, which is where he likes to watch Survivour, don't allow easy snuggling, which is why we almost never snuggle while watching TV or movies.

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