Monday, December 12, 2011

William Update

In the spirit of fairness, I try to write an update about both kids now, but I really can't think of anything new for Natalie. Well, I guess it was this week that we realized she knows many numbers. I think watching her Sesame Street video is helping. Oh, and she pretended to nurse Baby Kitty at her belly button. Generally, Natalie says new things showing us new understandings almost everyday, including new ways of pretend play. Last night, she was pretending the Swiffer was a vaccuum.

William on the other had a big week:
* he can roll back to tummy. Most of the time he gets stuvk at his shoulder, but he has rolled all the way at least once a day for a few days.
* he rolled tummy to back three times in a row for Mike, but hasn't done it again yet.
* he shrieked a couple times while laughing.
* we sat him in the Bumbo and put the toy bin next to him like we used to do for Natalie. He puts his hand in to touch the toys and has pulled on out a few times.
* from our measurements, he is 25 inches tall making him 90%. We think he weighs 15 lbs, which is about 75%. I've switched him over to mostly size 6 month cloths ans at night we are using a size 3 diaper.
* he cried at a "stranger" (our children's librarian) for the first time. It was a pouty lip cry.
* he's been worn facing forward in the sling a few times.
* his eye sight appears to have improved and he reognizes us from further away. He also knows our voices.
* when laying under the toy gym, he has some delibrate reaching and batting.
* LOVES to be held up to stand
* two days in a row, we gotten him asleep in his infant seat in his room with a blanket. He will sleep a couple hours without Natalie there to wake him up.
* he seems to be wanting to eat more and will take both sides if offered. At bed time, he seems to have woken up right away a few nights to keep eating.
* continues to move around in his crib. He slept on his stomach for two short stetches his weekend because he was trying to roll. His feet hitting the side and going through the slats is still a problem.
* he laughs, but we can't find one thing that will always do it.
* blows bubbles with his spit.
* liking books with color pictures
* winning the battle with craddle cap (wish I could say the same for Natalie) and I believe I found a birthmark on his chest near his arm pit. Its a cafe late spot the size of a coin, very much like the one on Natalie's bum.

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