Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Pee in the potty!

Its a big deal around here that Natalie peed in the potty for the first time. We aren't officially potty training yet which makes it more remarkable. Here's what happened:

I went out for a doctor's appointment leaving Mike with both kids for about an hour. About half way through that time, Natalie leads Mike (carrying William) into her room where her potty has been for months. She then says, "Daddy help pants." He asks if she wants help talking her pants off so she can sit on the potty and she says yes. He puts William down, helps her, and then reads to her Once Upon A Potty, which we've read to many times. He reminds her sit back down a couple times. She eventually gets up and runs over to her bed, so Mike asks is she wants a new diaper. She says yes. Once diapered, they go back to the living room to play.

Now you may have noticed that Mike didn't check the potty. Well, Natalie has sat on the potty a couple times diaperless and we aren't actively training, so he didn't think to ... at first. A few minutes later he goes back just in case and finds a lot of pee!

He then praises her like crazy, texts me, and posts it on FB. I praise her bunches too when I get home and we flush the pee together (Mike has save it for me to see). Natalie is pretending one of her Care Bear figures is going potty in her dollhouse when I get home, a game she's played for a week or so. That night we let her have a ring ding for dessert.

We know this might be an isolated event, but are so proud. I'm most proud that she initiated the whole thing with clear communication.

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