Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Bath time

During bath time, Mike said Natalie's playing was beyond cute. She made her bath toys talk. One was her, one was him, and one was me. She had them say hello to each other and kiss, but also had the daddy give the Natalie a piggy back ride. When the mommy and daddy kissed, she had them say they missed each other. Beyond adorable. Big here is that she had a toy represent her using her name. I have never seen her do that before.

Speaking of bath time, Natalie enjoyed helping with William's bath last time. In the past, she has just watched. This time, she helped pour water to rinse him off and used the wash cloth. She was confused by his penis, though.

William gets a bath Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. He likes baths now, but cries when he gets out. We have had success with his bed time routine. We keep him awake from 430 on, then I take him in to nurse by 630. He eats on both sides, eventually getting really sleepy. He also gets pretty happy during this time with cooing and smiles. I read aloud to him during this session. He has trouble ending nursing and just sleeping at this time of day, so welve moved him to the crib still awake a few times and he has still gone to sleep. He is very tired, but can't seem to say goodbye on his own waking himself up as soon as I cover up.

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