Sunday, October 23, 2011

Adorable Things Natalie Has Said and Done Recently

  • Natalie asked me to pick her up to reach some tree branches that were way high up.  I said I couldn't reach.  So she said, "Ask Daddy help."
  • Mike showed Natalie a "boo boo" on his arm.  She said, "That's okay, Daddy.  Kitty kiss it." And then had Kitty kiss it.  
  • William was napping with Mike and she wanted him to wake up.  After Mike told her we want him to sleep, she rubbed Kitty's tale tip on his hand.  The tip of Kitty's tale is what she rubs as she sucks her thumb.
  • Natalie now says "I scared."  Thus far, this has been in relation to scary big animals, like dogs, goats, and llamas.  
  • Natalie read "Happy Baby, Sad Baby," to Pooh Bear at bed time.  She pushed his nose against the page and told him what happened "in this picture."
  • When talking about Pooh Bear, he often is just Bear.  But sometimes, especially when she sings this theme song, he is "Winnie the Poop."

At a stop light I asked her if she could see all the pumpkins in a store window and she said yes. We we started driving again, she said something like "goodbye, see you later, be back soon!"

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