Tuesday, August 30, 2011

August 30th

Today was my turn to be pessimistic.  After a great night (in which every bone got lots of sleep - though if I counted my consecutive minutes it might not be ideal, I sure felt rested and I got lots of snuggles with William) and then a pretty good morning (where William napped and Natalie played and sat in my  lap) I started to worry about two things.  First, my breats were starting to feel hard and sore and I was worried about William not draining then, thus leading to infection and all the soreness involved with that.  And I also still thought William looked a little yellow.  Also, I was worried about jaundice still.  But when we finally got him eatting again, he did make a signifigant change in the firmness of my breat and it looked smaller than the left.  He also fell into a deep sleep with a little milk leaking out of his mouth.  A sight to make a breastfeeding mom happy.  So, I felt a lot better since both problems were beign addressed.  Just no, he ate again.  We had to wake him up from sleeping in the car seat.  he really dislikes diaper changes, so by the time Mike was threw he was wide awake.  he then ate pretty steadily on the left for 20 minutes reducing the pressure there.  But, he ate enough to move his last meal out.  So, its only been half an hour and he needs a new diaper.  It was hard before, but with the circumsition, its horrible.  its not so much the parts, because its easier to clean a boy with no inside to worry about or back to front rules.  But, William loves to have his knees up and knocks his heels together.  Its near impossible to keep his penis covered to avoid him spraying an his legs make everythign but wiping difficult.  I also hate putting the Vaseline on the diaper because I want to (and need to) move fast, so I worry I'm going to apply it to the wrong spot and it will hurt to remove his diaper later.  But, Mike did the last diaper so I'll do this one. Mike moved him into the crib for me, so I'll get on it when he wakes up in the next 15 minutes or so, if he doesn't wake up on his own.  Again, if it wasn't for the circumsition,, I wouldn't be too worried about him staying in a poopy diaper for one nap.  Well, his eyes are open now and he's sucking his hand.  Diaper and boob round two. 

A few minutes later ...
Of course, I write all that and the diaper I do is a breeze.  He didn't do any of that at all.  he was looking at the black and white picture Natalie made him with me when he sneezed.  And some blood flew out!  Now I don't know what to think of that.  He seems pretty content and when I took him in ht elight with his eyes open I still can't tell if the whites of his eyes are yellowish or not.  I need to find answers to the following:
  • could he have jaundice with this much poop all day long?
  • what's up with the blood when he sneezed?
  • when can we start tummy time?  when the umbilical stump falls off?  When the circumsicion is healed?
  • is his latch alright?  I can't see it most of the time because the lower lip is obstructed and his hands get in the way of my feeling it.  
Could the blood be from me?  If so, shouldn't I see some now?  The state of my nipples isn't any worse than with Natalie, but I'd like to get them healed soonder than later.  Not only is the first couple of minutes of every nursing session very painful, but blisters and blood are bothersome signs.
Much later...
Lots of ups and downs today - mostly for me concerning breast engorgement.  But also a few good feedings today leading to pee and poop.  I've also felt sore pain in my stomach that's not uterus cramps. 

As I was typing this up I wanted to note a couple things.  First, I solved the problem with the Vaseline on the diaper slowing me down.  To make the time while he is not in the diaper (and thus able to get everything wet somehow) shorter, I smeared Vaseline on the whole front section of the diaper before taking off his old one.  Second, the blood was from me as we later discovered from some spit up.  Also, I later pumped to relieve some of the engorgement and the milk was pink!  That was a low moment for me.  It grossed me out that my milk was so full of blood that it looked like strawberry milk, and I felt bad that he was drinking that and that I was harmed that much.  But, this only lasted a day and we never saw blood again, in the pump or in spit up. 

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