Wednesday, August 31, 2011

August 31

Early morning:
Four diapers in an hour and a half last night.  For a while there I thought he wasn't going back to sleep or going to eat.  not so bad during the day, but not what I wanted at 3am.  We let him sleep on the bed next t one of us again.  Works well.  Wonder if the crib would work, too, or if he really can tell one of us is near.

Natalie updates!
  • Make full sentences and parroting, espeically any time you say "Can you say ..."  A good example of the parroting was her repeating again and again "show me caterpillars" at the library after I asked her if she wanted me to show them to her. 
  • Put all the farm animals in her Little People farm in the correct stalls.  
  • Filling in words to stories she knows well, like Max and Ruby Counting Peas and Humpty Dumpty.  
  • Helped Mike put the laundry in the dryer.  
  • Took her toy xylophone into the hall and put it down upside down.  Then tried to stand on it.  She said to me several times, "Skateboard, helmet."  So, she thought it was a skateboard and was asking for a helmet!
 Later ...
Things about Breastfeeding that are Bothering Me Today:
  • how can a 4 day old drain 2 breasts of engorged milk when his stomach only holds 1 - 2 ounces total?
  • how revolting to see pink milk in a pump or smear of blood on my baby's chin or see blood in spit up
We are having such different problems this time.  Last time, I didn't evne have milk when Natalie ws four days old.  when I finally go tit in, I was so happy engorgemnt was the  least of my worries.  Now, I'm ofessed on it.  Web sites conflic on how sever what I have is and what to so.  My book says to drain every hour, but other sources say 8 sessions in 24 hours is good.  None say duration of nursing session.  My friend suggested pumping, but I've never done well pumping.  Do you pump til empty or to relieve the pressure?  Use heat or cold?  I got not even a drop out during my shower last night and yet one site said too much warmth makes swelling worse.  How much is milk versus swelling from hormones, blood flow, and nipple trama?


Feeling some relief.  William nursed 10 minutes on the right and softened it.  I then iced that side.  Then I used a warm wash cloth on the left and pumped 1.5 ounces.  Both nipples got lanolin.  I've also taken some Advil.  HOpefully Willima willnusre consistently every few hours from here on our keeping things some what comfortable.  I also found switching between cross craddle hold and football hold helped drain the breat better.  In an hour long session this morning, William managed to drain the left this way, but then could't repeat the marathon again all day. 

I keep going back and forth worrying about jaundice.  He looked really yellow in the livign room around 3, but fine at other times.  The way he wakes so slowly an dthen calms so quickly back to sleep at the breast worries me.  But then around Natalie's bed time, he was very awake for almost an hour.  Big open eyes and nursed both sides over the ourse of the hour.  While I din't really wnat to won switching it later, hopefully its nust days and nights backwards. 

Told Mike earlier today that I feel like I wans't doing any one thing well.  Not watching William fully.  Not giving Natalie my full attention.  Not focusing on any house work.  I think that was partly my preoccupation with nusing and hoepfully it will get easier to manage the two with practice. 

But, I did have some nice Natalie moments.  We solved the chair fiasco.  We brought it back "fixed" and forced her to sit there.  I then feed her mac and cheese, knowing its a favorite that she would probably eat no matter what.  After a while, she was wiling to use her untentils rather than waiting for me.  She even said "mac and cheese delicious." Thought we might have a set back at dessert, but she was okay.  Also learned Natalie can sing almost all of 1, 2, Buckle My Shoe on her own.  We had several boughts of snuggle time as she sat on my lap for books, TV, and videos on the computer. 

After a coufght day, I'm finally feeling a bit confident again at 10:45 at night.  William moving a lot in his sleep.  Iknow he need a new diaper, too.  I don't like leetting him sit in it, but it also seems lilly to wake him to change it right when he's sleeping alone.  I still hae him on the bed, but I'm going to give putting him in the crib a try next time he sleeps.  It really shouldn't be differen tsince I'm not right close to him.  Does make me a tad ad I won't be sleeping right next to him anymore, but I will be able to leae the room without worrying about it.  It will also free up the bed for MIke to come in, though its been nice to spread my things out. 

Myabe I shoudl actually sleep some now.  he'll probably wake up as soon as I lay down, but with my breast comfortable and a snack eaten, I feel this wasn't a waste of time staying up instead of sleeping. 

Things to be happy about or proud of:
  • very public nursing at play group
  • nursing many different places with okay results
  • using now positions well
  • no break downs yet - able to manage two well (though I'm worried about beign alone, but that's still ten days away which is twice as long as Wiliam's been alive and four times as long as we've been home!)
  • Natalie adjusting so far
  • getting asleep at night
Cool Natalie Things:
  • said no thanks to items offered at breakfast, and saying pleace and thank you a lot with out prompting.  Also said excuse me today
  • Tambourine and drum toys today at play group.  Used them correctly, labeled them, and said she was practicing.  
  • Playing great independently
Things still bothering me:
  • sore breasts
  • jaundice (though other moms and the home visitor made me feel better at play group)
  • we haven't tried the Maya wrap yet
  • Natalie not getting enough attention

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