Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Why I haven't been writing ...

I've gotten a job writing for Crunchy Moms.  So, any time I would have spent writing here has been put into writing over there.  I must admit that I also haven't been doing as many crafts and such with the kids, so there hasn't been as much to write about!  Even though Natalie has been in school since September, we are still fine tuning our routines here.  Add to that taking a course on child abuse and reading for book club and this blog has fallen by the wayside.

While I'm here though...

Kid Update

  • can zip her own coat!!
  • can do up her seat belt, but not tighten it
  • is learning tons at school including writing letters and days of the week
  • knows the letters of her name, but still mostly writes N and A as H.  Sometimes writes her name completely backward.  
  • is making lots of friends at school
  • told me she has never had to sit in the "thinking chair" at school
  • is starting to use the bathroom alone in public when its a single stale bathroom
  • sometimes plays with William for long periods of time
  • knows a few letters!  Blew me away by just pointing and naming them the other day!
  • is obsessed with eggs and them hatching
  • continues to have trouble with hitting
  • is still ahead of the curve on talking.  He said to me the other day, "Mommy, I have to tell you something.  I watched Star Wars today.  The one with Darth Vadar."  Pretty impressive for 26 months!
  • adores his sister
  • goes up stairs without holding on, can alternate without holding on for a step or two
  • can answer "What is your name?"
  • loves Maisy books
  • Sheep remains his favorite toy

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