Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Natalie's Alphabet Book

Almost exactly a year ago, I started teaching Natalie's the alphabet by focusing on one letter a week.  Each week, we made a letter craft and hung it in our hall.  We hung the last letter in April.  Recently, they've started falling down and we get Mike to press them back up for us because he is tall enough to reach without a chair.  But, a year is long enough to hang a craft projects.  It was time for the letters to come down.  When J fell down again, I tossed it.  But both Natalie and Mike commented on me throwing it away!  Now, I felt guilty.  So, I decided to make the letters into a book.

All of our letters were based on a single sheet of construction paper, so they were close to the same size.  I had some poster board in the house, and found that they fit well on the small pieces.  I then discovered that the small pieces were exactly a quarter of a full sheet.  When I added a front and back cover, I had exactly enough for the pages.  I made the covers out of the the card board on the pack of a pad of Melissa and Doug paper.  To make them prettier, I lined the inside covers with paintings I did while the kids painted to use up the paint!  And, for the record, I used about four glue sticks to stick them all down, and Mike broke the hole punch on the front cover. 

Here is Natalie's finished alphabet book:

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