Monday, September 30, 2013

Kids Update (long over due!)

The month of September had been a hard one.  I'd say three out of the four weeks, one or both of the kids were sick.  Its also crazy for birthdays, especially William and Natalie's that I need to plan parties for.  Then, I started working for a blog that pays!  So, I haven't been thinking too much about writing. 

So, at long last, an update on the kids. 

  • Can pick out her own clothes from the dresser and gets dressed 100% by herself.  
  • Rides the bus to school.  
  • Is getting used to the school rules and routines and tells me about them.  
  • Is learning the days of the week at school.  
  • Shows a lot of interest in reading a digit clock, though usually reads it backwards.  
  • Can wash by herself in the bath.  
  • Can undo a seatbelt, but knows not to when driving. 
  • Can open the door to get outside, though still sometimes worries about getting hit by the screen door. 
  • Starting to learn names of classmates
  • Continues to be more accepting of trying new foods
  • Continues to be more accepting of being wet or dirty

  • Has graduated to sitting in a regular chair for meals. 
  • Can name his friends.  
  • Uses emotion words - sad, happy, upset, scared, frustrated
  • Plays pretend - cooking (even without pretend food toys), taking on characters from TV with props, taking care of a baby
  • Has moved from Blankie to Sheep
  • After a few months, has started to sleep with the light off again
  • Loves to be read to
  • Getting better at colors
  • Knows if there is two of something
  • Can identify letter W, and knows the other letters are letters (ex. commented that their were letters in his alphabet soup)
  • Says he is drawing or painting actual things
  • Participates in dinner conversation telling about his day (though often is inaccurate)
  • Can name all the Star Wars characters
  • Has been to the ER 
  • Uses the word "because"
  • Memorizes books, especially Dinosaur Roar

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