Tuesday, January 29, 2013

My Parent Tantrum Triggers

I hate that I wind up yelling at my kids.  I know it doesn't accomplish anything, except me letting off some steam.  I'm working on being more aware of what gets me to that point so I can avoid yelling.  When I do have a freak out, I've also been working on apologizing and explaining my feelings.  

My parent tantrum triggers:
  • When I feel sick or in pain
  • The inability to split myself in half
  • Reaching my breaking point of annoyance or boredom (Natalie ignoring me all morning, William wanting to play Playdoh for hours, William screaming as I try to read Natalie a story, etc)
  • Big messes involving food or liquids that could have been avoided if they followed the rules (such as William spitting his juice out, Natalie leaving a juice box out for William to squeeze, etc)
  • Wastefulness (such as setting out paint and they use it for a couple minutes; getting them something to eat they asked for and it goes uneaten)
  • Feeling totally unappreciated
  • Annoyance with inanimate objects (stubborn boots, missing items, the stroller, etc)
  • Being in a rush

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