Thursday, January 24, 2013

For William: Just a Glue Stick, Please!

William loves glue sticks.  But, I didn't have many craft ideas saved for just gluing items on paper at random.  Lots of things don't stick with just a glue stick.  Pom poms, cotton balls, yarn, pipe cleaners: They all don't stick well without liquid glue.  Even so, most crafts I've seen on Pinterest or at activities we go to require the child to glue the pieces on specific places, which William doesn't like or isn't ready for.  So, here I'm collecting some crafts especially for William (though I'm sure Natalie will love them, too).  William really glues at random, but I could adapt a lot of the ideas to make them more fitting for Natalie.  For example, have her use small colored scraps to make a beach, water, or rainbow. 

Lots of these ideas are similar to stickers.  William likes stickers, but there is no glue stick involved.  Also, he cannot yet pull most stickers from the sheet, and he definitely cannot remove the white paper backing found on the cool foam stickers Natalie loves.  This makes using stickers very work intensive for both of us.  He quickly loses interest; either because I've handed him a sticker and it stuck to him or because by the time I can get him what he wants, he's thinking about something else.  So, I'll make some of these pieces, even if we could get them as stickers.  It'll be a good way to use up scrap paper. 

The goal is to prep the pieces and put them in ziplock bags so I can pull them out easily.  This type of prep should be easy to do while watching TV, so maybe I'll be making some construction paper fish, flowers, and cars tonight during Project Runway.

I'll post some pictures as we make them!

  • Various mediums collage: construction paper, tissue paper, foil, card board, newspaper, magazine paper
  • Various themed collage: basic shapes, letters, numbers, babies, animals, cars, buildings
  • Tree with paper leaves (green or fall colors)
  • Grass (green paper) with paper flowers and / or bugs
  • Cars and roads
  • Trains and tracks (photocopy Freight Train?)
  • Ocean (blue paper) with fish
  • Scales on a fish
  • Stars (tin foil) on night sky (black or dark blue paper)
  • Butterfly wings with rainbow colored pieces
  • Feathers (real or paper) on birds
  • Cut paper people and faces
  • Day sky - snowflakes, clouds, raindrops
  • Spots on a ladybug or leopard
  • Stripes on a tiger or zebra
  • Animals (farm, zoo, forest)
  • Photocopies of book characters (Eric Carle animals, Sandra Boynton animals, Karen Katz babies, etc)
  • Photographs (printed low ink on regular paper)

Seasonal ideas:
  • Snowmen
  • Santa face
  • Jack'o'lanterns
  • Turkey feathers
  • Scarecrow head
  • Hearts on big heart for Valentine
  • Red, white, and blue stars and stripes (the 4th, Memorial Day, Veterans' Day, Flag Day, Presidents' Day)
  • Shamrocks
  • Designs on Easter Egg
  • Easter eggs on grass (green paper)

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