Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Bedtime Story 1/30/13: Body

This one is very much rewritten, but the concept and events are still the same.  

Once upon a time there was a little boy named William.  William loved all the wonderful things he could do with his body.  He could run, and climb, and jump, and dance.  William loved to climb up on chairs.  Sometimes, he fell off.  Sometimes, it was okay.  Falling off the couch in the living room was soft and bouncy and fun.  But, other times it hurt.  Slipping off a kitchen chair was scary and hurt.  But soon, William felt better and climbed again.  William  loved to twirl and twirl until he got dizzy.  Most of the time he fell over and landed easily, but others he hit a wall or fell on a toy.  But, William still loved to dance and spin.  William loved to twist, squirm, push, bend, and struggle in his stroll and high chair.  Most of the time, it was funny, but every once in a while he would get hurt, like the time he bent forward and hit his head on the kitchen table.  It hurt, but hugs and kisses made it better.  Then William was ready to jump and run and play again. 


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