Monday, December 3, 2012

Weekly Menu 12/2/12

Sunday - Lasguna Roll Ups (made fresh)

Monday - Hash and corn - one of our go-to lazy night dinners.  We use Hormel Mary's Kitchen Reduced Fat Homestyle hash because it has no wheat. 

Tuesday - Sweet Italian Sausage (Johnsonville brand has no wheat), white rice, broccoli

Wednesday - Crockpot Day - New recipe - combing ideas for Cheeseburger Soup and Loaded Potato Soup.  More details later after I make it. 

Thursday -  Salmon with butter and dill (take 2 since I never got to buy fish last week), Uncle Ben's 90 second rice garlic flavor, green beans

Friday - Hormel Pork Roast.  We get various flavors, but you have to read carefully because some flavorings have wheat and others do not.  Ones that are okay are: Orginal, Lemon Garlic, and Mediterranean.   We cut these in half and freeze the second portion.  Mashed potatoes (last frozen bag!) and beets. 

Saturday - Cube steak, Annie's Gluten-free Mac and Cheese, carrots

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