Saturday, December 1, 2012


 I've been trying to make money selling what little extra stuff we have around the house.  Over the years, we've donated a lot to Relay for Life yard sale fundraisers or Good Will.  Kind of wishing I'd held on to somethings and tried to sell them instead.  Here's a tally to keep my spirits up. 

Jewelry $62
Garmin $20
2 Bobby Pillows $20
2 Sesame St DVD $2
25 Pairs of socks $10
Little Swimmers $3
2 Pins $3
Stroller Frame $35
Halloween stickers and pencils $10
Bath and Body Works return $15 (exchange new products)
Walmart return $6
Blanket $4
Potty seat $7
Blades for Mike's old razor $15 (trade for a rake)
3 Halloween decoration $6
2 Metal barrettes $8
bread box, necklace, candle, toy purse $22
Craftmania return $5 (exchange for glue and a craft)
Wooden stacking toy $5
2 skirts, 2 blazers, dress and jacket combo, and 1 pant $55!
VHS $2
Turtle Beanie Baby $2
Tigger necklace $7
Collage stickers $2
Christmas bowls $10
MK trade-in $28
Metal measuring cups $2
Green curtains and Pur filter $21
Sesame St coloring books $2
Gray pants $10
VCR $20
Baby Picture Frame $7
Puzzle and blocks $8
Melissa and Doug beads $7
Dollhouse $50
Stereo $40


Recordable frame $10
Tigger $10
Kids books $3
Needlepoint books $5

I also keep posting my services a tutor. Not sure anyone would take it serious, but its the only other thing I have to offer.  I should make a flyer and post it over at CMCC while I'm there for class.  

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