Friday, November 2, 2012

Plans for reorganizing the house in the new year

Get new TV for living room
  • The major reason I am excited for this is watching Netflix and Youtube on the living room TV.  So convenient.  Not only will I be able to watch Glee on a real TV, but I could watch an instant movie for myself at whim.  Also, when Natalie wants a video on youtube, it will be easier to get it.  Or, I can put on an instant play kids movie or show and not have to worry about the lap top keys getting pressed or them not being able to see it or falling off a chair.  

Rearrange living room furniture
  • This is just fun.  When  you are home all day, its fun to change things around every once and a while.   But somethings will need to move for the TV to fit.  Its squeezed in tight right now. 
  • The only thing we know for sure is that we are getting rid of the cat pole. 
  • I'm going to take the big plastic cabinet of drawers and empty it.  The toys inside of it will all be put away to rotate in, be given away, go into the kids' rooms, or have to fit on the changing table.  In place of the toys, I'll redistribute the craft items that are taking over my area.  I'll put child locks on the drawers if necessary.  Then, my desk will be able to hold some of my other things, like binders. 

Changes in our bed room
  • We are going to move the old TV and cabinet into our room.  Cool to think of watching TV in bed!  Haven't done that since college.  Especially will be awesome when William is a bit older and they can watch TV in bed with us while Mike and I sleep in!
  • Because our bed frame is so tall, we are going to put the TV on top of the cabinet, which opens up the cabinet for storage space upstairs!

Rearrange Natalie's room
  • move bed back into the corner
  • move nightstand next to the bed so we don't have to use a toy highchair for her cup of water
  • use the space in her closet better for storing toys
  • some talk of moving her into a twin size bed, which is what most of her friends now have. 

Rearrange William's room
  • We must move his dresser.  Eventually, he will use the dresser to climb out of the crib and then potentially fall off.  
  • I'd like to move the bed out of his room to give them a new place to play (and store toys), but I'm not sure we are ready for it.   I guess by the new year, we will only have a few months left before I start actively weaning.  Nursing on the floor at bedtime and the middle of the night would be a motivator.  Besides, he is being held, so he isn't uncomfortable, just me.  
  • One thing we will hold off on until we have to change is putting William in the toddler bed. 

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