Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Quick Update!

I know I just wrote one of these the other day, but here is another one anyway!

  • Can climb up onto the couch!
  •  Loves running in and out of Natalie's tent playing chase
  • Much more frequently asking to be read to.  His favorite day time books are Open the Barn Door and various little Sesame Street board books we have.  At night, he likes Busy Kitties, Here are My Hands, Where's Spot, and Margret Miller's Peekaboo.  
  • William hopped around wearing bunny ears
  • William repeats all done when you ask if he is all done.  
  • William says bye when I put him in his crib at bed time.  I no longer need to run out so he won't cry.  
  • William's night time sleep continues to be unpredictable. 
  • William climbs up on all chairs, and sometimes up on to tables.  
  • William like to have his hands held so he can walk (or run) upstairs.  
  • William needs to work on walking holding our hand for distances farther than the kitchen to the living room.  
  • William knows toilet paper goes in the toilet. 
  • William loves to pretend an item is a phone.  
  • William will say bye after an electric toy does.  
  • William tries to play with other children, but it often doesn't work out for various reasons.  

  • Natalie took her juice box straw out of the wrapper and inserted it into the box perfectly on her first real try!
  • Natalie got dressed 100% on her own, excepting me turning her underwear right side out before she got started.  Her only mistake was an inside out sock which I just let be.  
  • Natalie's recall of lyrics she's heard on the radio is quite impressive.  She knows a lot of songs.  
  • Natalie threw a ball several times.  She never really threw a ball before.  
  • Natalie is very bossy. 
  • Natalie continues to have trouble sharing sometimes, but then will have sweet generosity moments later. 
  • Natalie is starting to understand better how to push down with a crayon and is regaining interest in scribbling. 

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