Tuesday, September 18, 2012


  • William has discovered buttons.  Not just buttons on clothes, but buttons that do things.  In particular, he is very into hitting the elevator buttons so much so we runs over to it and I think he even says button. More dangerously he has learned to hit the handicap door buttons that lead outside!
  • William continues to find new ways to communicate.  Even though he seems to say a lot of words in isolation (like birthday or doggie), he often doesn't repeat them or use them to express what he wants.  Instead, he points, jabbers, groans, and reaches.  
  • One of William's confirmed words is "booba"  which means boobies, as in breastfeeding. Other repeated words are "button" (for elevator button), "nana" (for banana), and "ankie" (for blankie). 
  • William has been trying out painting and scribbling.
  • William likes to play chase.  
  • William can put a bracelet on his own wrist and he can wriggle out of a unzipped sweatshirt.  
  • William has started using a blanket at night to keep him warm.  This is a different blanket than the one he snuggles.  
  • While he can't tell me what it is he is seeing, William appears to be very observant and curious, always pointing at things, especailly out on walks. 

  • Natalie continues to enjoy pretend play, but what seems to be increasing is her creativity.  She is more often making up her own stories that aren't just repeating books or TV.  For example, having her Little People ride the airplane home to go to bed.  She also makes up songs.  
  • Natalie makes her toys talk to each other or makes Baby Kitty talk. 
  • Natalie is working very hard at using the regular toilet. 
  • Even though she's sung the alphabet for a long time, Natalie now can consistently recognize about a third of the letters.  (A, B, C, D, N, T, Q, and a maybe few others).  She also understands that there is a sound associated with the letter, though she gets confused over the tricky ones as you would expect with our crazy language.  For example, she often says a hard C is a K.  
  • Natalie continues to love babies.  
  • Natalie is doing a better job at explaining why she likes or doesn't like something by using "because."  For example, she told me she liked the yogurt part of a granola bar, but not the oats.  Or she said she loves Baby Stephen because he is small, cute, and soft.  

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