Saturday, September 1, 2012

Letter A Week

I'll slowly be going back threw my older posts and making them formatted like my newer ones.  Also, I'll be fixing the pictures. 

This was our first week for Letter of the Week, so naturally, we studied the letter A.  

Letter A Books:
Alligator Alphabet
But I am Really an Alligator (Charlie and Lola) by Lauren Child
Little Ant
Little Apple Goat
Snip Snap, What is That?
Aligators All Around
Apple Pie Tree
Ten Apples Up On Top
Amelia Bedelia series
Big Friend, Little Friend (Frog Princess)
Apples Here

tracing (getting ready, full letter, lines)

coloring sheets (character with letter, words starting with the letter)
magnets, pom poms, stickers (fine motor)

Letter A Playlist:

Why not use TV to my advantage?  I made a playlist for every letter, but have only let her watch the A one.  She really likes the first video with Grover.  I just let it loop for her while I work on other things and she watches off and on.  I'll also play an alphabet playlist for her on loop.

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