Thursday, August 30, 2012


Ways to connect with William during the day:
  • Read him a story during breakfast and lunch.  Pull my chair up to him and read to him.  Natalie usually has the book closer to her, so its only fair to do the same for him.  
  • Play peekaboo
  • Build with blocks for him to knock them over
  • Look at puzzles together
  • Talk to him while spoon feeding or loading his spoon
  • Tickles during diapers and dressing
  • Let him sit on my lap at the computer; let him bang the keys
  • Hold him while I walk around and do small tasks
  • Make the barn animals talk and go in and out of the barn
  • Roll cars to him and put them down the ramp
  • Roll a ball back and forth
  • Parallel talk
  • Show him how to use pop beads
  • Try finger painting
  • Talk about the toys he hands me
  • Stop on a walk and point things out to him
  • Share my drink with him
  • Story time songs and games (Shoe the Little Horse, Little Red Wagon, etc)
  • Go to baby story time!  (Can do this again starting next week as it moves back to Friday!)
  • Lift the flap books
  • Extra snuggles before going into bed
  • Play while Natalie is watching TV or videos
  • Play while Daddy plays with Natalie
  • Looking in his eyes while breastfeeding
  • Tell him stories when breastfeeding
  • Eye contact when we talk
  • Patience
  • Sit near him
  • Kiss him on the tummy, feet, palms
  • Listen to him talk
  • Praise him
  • Tell him he's smart
  • Help him pet the cats
  • Walk holding his hand
  • Look at photographs with him
  • Avoid walking away from him
  • Avoid taking things out of his hands

Connecting with Natalie:
  • Slow down and not rush her
  • Follow through with her requests
  • Be consistent in expectations
  • Guide her to succeed
  • Back off  and let her try do things by herself
  • Patience
  • Let her lead
  • Play games and read books for the millionth time
  • Talk with her
  • Snuggle, kiss, and hold her

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